Why choose Mr Metwally?

Mr Metwally has supported thousands of local women and their partners in Sheffield since 1991.

After completing his training at the Jessop Wing and Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, he worked as an NHS Consultant at Ninewells Hospital and Medical School in Dundee, Scotland for a few years where he led the development of the Reproductive Surgery service. Here, he introduced several new techniques including laparoscopic myomectomy.

Mr Metwally returned to Sheffield and his main area of interests are reproductive medicine, fertility treatment (including assisted conception treatment - IVF and ICSI) and reproductive surgery offering surgical procedures to improve fertility.

Mr Metwally also has a strong interest in minimal access surgery (keyhole surgery) particularly laparoscopic hysterectomy, myomectomy and hysteroscopic surgery for uterine anomalies and fibroids.

With access to first-class, state-of-the-art facilities across the Jessop Wing, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Thornbury and Claremont Hospitals in Sheffield where he works, Mr Metwally is able to offer convenient appointments and truly personalised, high-quality care for his patients.

Mr Metwally lives here in Sheffield and has three children. In his spare time, he enjoys astrophotography and scuba diving.

Your Treatment

Mr Metwally offers private consultations, treatment and surgery from Claremont Hospital and Thornbury Hospital.

If you need a procedure, you will be supplied with full details on how best to prepare for your treatment.

Both Claremont and Thornbury Hospitals provide an exceptional level of service from the moment you arrive to the moment you head home.

The full cost of treatment is fully discussed during your consultation.