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Mr Metwally is keen to support local GPs looking to refer patients to either his NHS or private practice.

For more advice before referral or recommendation, please contact Kelly Farrow, Secretary to Mr Metwally and arrange a call-back on 0114 267 4477. Alternatively send an email.

Mr Metwally is also available via Twitter or LinkedIn for general gynaelogical/reproductive medicine queries.


Mr Metwally has a keen interest in clinical research and has published widely in the fields of Reproductive Medicine and fertility-related surgery.

As well as being a Sheffield Gynaecologist, he is also an invited speaker at many national and international conferences.

His research interests are patient-oriented aiming to improve understanding and treatment of common conditions such as fibroids and the way obesity can affect reproductive performance.

312 Fulwood Road, Sheffield S10 3BR

Tel: 0114 267 4477




Mostafa Metwally

Mostafa Metwally is a highly experienced Private Consultant Gynaecologist and serves both NHS and private patients across Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

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